Parking Solutions Launches Drivers’ Safety Courses

As a part of the company’s ongoing efforts to educate and train employees on the importance of accurate and safe driving skills, this month PSI instituted its first ever Drivers’ Safety Courses. Created and led by Risk & Safety Manager, Rob Jones, the program covers all of the requirements for a driver’s license in addition to the advanced driving skills PSI requires all of valet attendants. Subject matter includes parallel parking in tight spaces, depth perception skills, evasive action drills and overall defensive driving; it is our intention that all PSI valet attendants will complete the safety course by year end.

Upon completion of the course, attendants take a driving test and are assigned a pass or fail assessment. Those who fail will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with their manager and will not be scheduled on the curb until they are able to pass the course with flying colors.

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