Parking Solutions valets park more than 1.5 million vehicles each year.
Parking Solutions valets park more than 1.5 million vehicles each year.
Built on the foundation of our hospitality experience, PSI has grown its customer-centered service to include casinos, restaurants, hotels, country clubs and shopping destinations. By focusing on what matters most – customer service – we've perfected the valet experience for our patrons through continuous training, improvement and attention to detail.
Parking Solutions efficiently operates more than 55,000 parking spaces daily.
In addition to providing monthly parkers with clean, well-maintained lots and garages staffed with friendly, helpful people, PSI also provides an innovative, secure, online payment system to effortlessly manage their accounts. And for our client operators, our PCI-compliant web portal offers real-time reports plus a revenue collection option. With over $50M generated annually through our 35 (and counting) parking facilities, we’re committed to transparency, accountability and above all – superior customer service.
Our drivers shuttle passengers in safety, comfort and convenience.
PSI annually transports more than 2.5 million shuttle patrons for airports, hospitals, casinos, shopping malls and events. Our service includes a variety of rider perks, also incorporates video/GPS recording to monitor our drivers’ performance. Each driver of a PSI shuttle has completed at least 12 hours of driver training, classroom activities, hands-on instruction and supervised operation before driving solo.
Class. Convenience. Sparkle. Elegance.
PSI provides its one-of-a-kind service for weddings, fundraisers, holiday parties, corporate events, large expos – and everything in between – more than 500 times a year. Our event specialists will help create the best first impression and final touch for your special occasion, and make it one to fondly remember.
Traffic control provides safe, effective egress.

PSI keeps traffic flowing so patrons move efficiently into and out of our clients’ facilities. Our traffic controllers are extensively trained to ensure that our sites run smoothly. We’re airport specialists – knowledgeable and up-to-date on airport guidelines. We’re also casino specialists – it’s not simply by chance that we keep cars moving and patrons happy.

Wash, rinse, repeat.
PSI’s Executive Car Wash provides executives with a level of service that will accommodate the busiest schedules and the most discerning tastes. Driven by customer satisfaction, our service delivers the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

What people are saying

I wanted to thank all departments for a job well done by the hotel valet team. My clients were very pleased with the entire experience! This is an example of the amazing service we deliver as a team to our guests. Once again, thanked for all of your dedication and hard work!
– Intercontinental Hotel
Yesterday was the annual Silver Spoons event at the Intercontinental Hotel. The hotel valet team parked over 500 vehicles. The team was responsive, polite and hustled the entire night. This was all accomplished with zero claims or incidents. I want to give a special thanks for their dedication to ensuring a smooth event. Great job!
– Intercontinental Hotel
I doubt you can improve your valet service! I have stayed in hotels all over the world and there is none even close to the quality of service, thoughtfulness and kindness of yours. Your valet team went above and beyond to help resolve things and comfort my stay. They deserve special recognition for their professionalism, knowledge and kindness.
– Intercontinental Hotel
The valet was quick.. They really hustled to get you in and out quickly.
– Courtyard Marriot
“I like parking here; keep up the great work.”
– Capital Plaza
(Columbus, OH)
“Those valets hustle and are so friendly. Every time I come to the casino they are on it!”
– Indiana Live! Patron
“You guys have been wonderful to work with and have provided the expertise we needed in a professional, responsible and helpful manner.”
– Michele Hulse
Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board
“All of the staff from PSI I have worked with has been very knowledgeable, helpful and professional. I appreciate the open lines of communication and the willingness to brainstorm on ways to address issues or improve the customer experience.”
– City of Champaign
“PSI is an easy company to partner with on any level.”
– Cameron Mitchell
“Parking Solutions’ staff is consistently professional in both their appearance and actions. It is obvious that they take pride in their work by greeting guests with a warm friendly smile going the extra mile for our guests.”
– Glimcher Properties
“Excellent attendants. Very Fast and very friendly. I feel comfortable leaving my car with them every day”
– Josh O.
Sterling Garage parker
“The garage has the best service in Pittsburgh”
– Sterling Garage
“I am a monthly parker and simply want to commend you on your professionalism and generous manner. Whenever I have had an issue, you have taken it very seriously, and reacted promptly to the matter. I have every confidence in my car being looked after safely and completely”
– RiverSouth Garage
(Columbus, Ohio)
“One of the best parking garages I have ever used!”
– Columbus Commons
(Columbus, Ohio)