PSI CurbsideValet has increased our airport partners’ profits by double digits.
PSI CurbsideValet has increased our airport partners’ profits by double digits.

Parking Solutions’ CurbsideValet is the fastest, most convenient airport parking available. Our VIP service encourages loyalty and increases satisfaction both for the traveler and the airport itself. Fast and friendly, PSI attendants are trained to accommodate the busiest travelers.

Need a reservation? Click here to reserve your spot with PSI's CurbsideValet. Please note: It may take up to 12 hours for our system to book your reservation.

PSI has operated parking solutions for five major airports.

Parking Solutions understands what it takes to manage airport parking. To meet our partners’ needs, we offer customized solutions including tailored revenue reporting and a monthly dashboard analysis of car counts and customer surveys. Our goal is the highest level of service for our airport partner and for the travelers we serve.

PSI’s airport shuttle drivers safely transport over 2.5 million passengers a year.

As an extension of our core business, Parking Solutions “Customer First” Shuttle Program goes beyond simply getting patrons from point A to point B; PSI offers a premium shuttle service that incorporates service excellence and safety with every passenger. 

PSI Airport Traffic Controllers direct hundreds of cars daily.

PSI Traffic Controllers ensure the smooth ingress and egress of vehicles regardless of weather or temperature.

PSI Taxi Starters assisted nearly 300,000 patrons last year.

PSI Taxi Starters provide quality service and responsiveness to airport travelers while enhancing relations among the taxicab drivers who operate with our airport partners. 

Our management team boasts over 107 years in parking operations.

Our parking experts can assist you with feasibility studies, design and planning, identifying potential issues and providing alternative solutions throughout the planning process. Contact us today.

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What people are saying

“Last night I returned to Columbus from a long week of travel and arrived at my car in the Blue Lot.  My car had a flat tire.  My jack on my car collapsed under the car during the changing of the tire.  I was helped by a wonderful Parking Solutions employee to get my tire changed and back on the road.  This is another example of a PSI employee going above and beyond the call of duty.”
– CMH traveler
“I use CurbsideVALET every time I travel. The customer service is excellent and the curbside drop off and pick up saves me valuable time.”
– Port Columbus traveler

“Last week I left a backpack containing my laptop, as well as my only set of car keys, in the back of one of the taxicabs that picked up from the airport. When I called in to report the lost item, you did a tremendous job of locating my missing backpack and seeing it delivered safely to my hotel. I am a frequent traveler and I can tell you, I had little hope of ever seeing my backpack again. Your dependability and integrity are to be commended!”

– CMH traveler